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    Moody AFB, GA - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital to Moody Air Force Base is the South Georgia Medical Center which is located at 2501 North Patterson Street in Valdosta, GA. The hospital offers emergency room services and surgical facilities as well as inpatient care. For daily health care needs, the medical clinic at Moody Air Force Base which is coordinated through the 23rd Medical Group offers same-day appointments by calling 229-257-2778 or DSN 312-460-2778, Monday through Friday from 0730-1630.


    The 23rd Medical Group provides outpatient medical, dental, occupational, environmental and preventive healthcare services in support of a combat-ready HC-130, HH-60 rescue wing, flying training group and security forces group. The group's 225 staff members serve more than 16,000 beneficiaries with an $8 million annual operation budget.

    Three squadrons are aligned within the group to complete its mission. The squadrons are:

    The 23rd Aerial-Medical Dental Squadron delivers comprehensive preventive and ambulatory medical, optometric, and dental care in addition to occupational health, deployment health and environmental monitoring. The squadron consist of seven flights; Bioenvironmental, Dental, Optometry, Flight Medicine (includes Ambulance Dispatch), Public Health, Readiness, and Health and Wellness Center.

    The 23rd Medical Operations Squadron provides and arranges a full scope of high-quality, cost-effective ambulatory and preventive care services. The clinic provides outpatient primary care only. Specialty care and inpatient care (including Obstetric care) is arranged through civilian providers in the local area. Operations include Family Practice, Pediatrics, Women's Health, Physical Therapy, Life Skills, Family Advocacy, Allergy/Immunizations and Patient Education. Medical Operations Squadron personnel further ensure mobility-ready status and provide three Air Transportable Clinics (ATC) in support of global operations

    The 23rd Medical Support Squadron is a 75 member squadron organized to provide key processes necessary to ensure successful mission accomplishment of the 23rd MDG and the 23rd WG. These areas of expertise include pharmacy services, diagnostic imaging and clinical laboratory support. Superior logistical and administrative support is also provided through information system management, facility management, medical equipment and supply processing, orderly room, resource management, patient administration, TRICARE services and referral management.

    During duty hours, call 257-2778 (or 1-800-889-3041 if outside the local area). The automated prompts will lead you to contacting our team. You can make a routine (future) appointment, request medication refills or lab results, or ask a question. After duty hours you may call 257-2778 and your call will be forwarded to the Ambulance Dispatch Center and they will provide you with assistance. They may provide you with a nurse advice phone number or if necessary, contact the physician on-call.

    Street Address
    3278 Mitchell Blvd
    Bldg 900
    Moody AFB, GA 31699

    Phone: 229-257-2778
    DSN: 460-2778